Valentine crafts for kids

As I started to create my Valentine crafts for kids kits, I thought about what I wanted to say with the collection. I love the holiday because it reminds us all to pause and focus on the love, romantic and platonic, in our lives.

What the world needs now…

I am not going to pretend that a few crafts are going to solve the problems of the world, but I do believe that we should spread love when we can. This Valentine’s Day I wanted to highlight different traditions from around the globe. While each have their unique ways to celebrate, the intention of bringing joy is universal.

It was really important to me to spend the day focused on our similarities. We all want to feel loved. We all want to share love. And that’s what I hope my Valentine’s Day collection will do.


While researching traditions, I found two that really stuck out to me: Wales and the Love Spoons and South Africa and hearts pinned on their sleeves.

Love Spoons have been historically given as symbols of affection. They were intricately carved and gifted to their loves. I read that this tradition started in the cold months during the 1600s, because let’s be frank, it’s not like they had a lot of options for entertainment. There wasn’t any Bridgerton to binge.

With that in mind, I thought it would be a fun, unique gift for kids to give to their friends, parents, grandparents, teachers – you name it. With hearts in various sizes and textures, there are so many options on how to customize.

Young women in South Africa will pin the names of their sweethearts to their sleeves. This is said to be a way women will proclaim their crushes for the first time if that’s not a Nancy Meyers film waiting to happen, I don’t know what is.

Because I have 2 kids who I do not trust around safety pins, I decided to adapt this tradition into a bracelet. Layered hearts create the charm, and a colorful string lets you find the perfect size. You can even write the name of your own sweetheart on the back, keeping them near.

Give the love

This Valentine’s Day, whether you typically go all out or ignore the holiday, I suggest you do whatever you can to brighten someone’s day. Take just a few minutes to let them know how important they are. I promise you that is always worthwhile.

Pass it on!

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