Rainbow craft: Styled 3 ways

With warmer weather finally on the horizon, the rainbow craft kit is here to brighten your days. I love this kit because it allows for so many variations to fully customize. You can even split the layers to create two full products!

With a blank canvas (made from 110# white cardstock, this stuff is heavy duty), your rainbow craft is just waiting for your creativity. Color with crayons, markers, pastels, watercolor – even pour glitter all over parents, choose this at your own risk. Pick your favorite colors and get to work!

1. Use it all

You have 6 layers ready to make a bold and colorful rainbow. My daughter is true to the ROY G BIV (well, in this case, ROY G BP), so she will always choose to make the biggest rainbow she can. Of course, you can branch out and use a less traditional color scheme that works with your imagination or decor.

2. Light up shadow box

Turn your rainbow into a darling nightlight, or a twinkling piece of art.

This works best when you use more layers, and I strongly recommend adding the back square layer (or making your own out of your favorite paper you have). Note: I couldn’t convince my daughter to add it. The back layer help lessens the points of light.

To make your shadow box, you will need:

  • square adhesive tape
  • LED fairy lights
  • shadow box
  • Extra cardstock to fill in the difference between the size of the rainbow layers (approximately 5.75×5.75) and the frame
  1. Place your layers in order (again, I suggest using the back layer with this one!)
  2. Use square adhesive tape (to help create extra depth) to assemble regular glue or double-sided tape can work, too
  3. Circle LED lights on the back layer and tape them down to keep them hidden and in place
  4. If you are using an extra piece of cardstock so your finished product fills in the entire space of your frame (I used a pink foil kraft board), use your adhesive to place your rainbow and lights in the center
  5. Close the frame and be sure to keep the switch for the lights on the back (you may need to cut a small piece of the frame backing if it won’t close)
  6. Turn on the lights and admire

3. Less is more

Into a more minimal look? Or maybe you want to split a kit between siblings or friends. Because there are 6 layers in the rainbow and 2 different frames, you can easily divide and conquer.

Separate by size (small vs large) or every other layer for a more open look. Either way, you are sure to find your magical rainbow.

No matter how you style your rainbow craft kit, you will have a piece of happiness. Whimsical and joyful, your rainbow will bring a smile to all who admire it.

Pass it on!

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