We were at a revel: A Hamilton themed party

My friends’ son was about to turn 1, and like most parents, they wanted to have a one of a kind celebration for him. Knowing that they were just as obsessed with the musical Hamilton as I am, I pitched the theme History Has Its Eyes On You (bonus points as the mom is a history teacher). They immediately jumped on board with the Hamilton themed party, and I got to work.

I knew I didn’t things to be too Broadway-focused but instead wanted to lean into the history side of things. Golds and browns set the scene for an old fashioned party.

Invitations were created on coffee stained paper, set with gold foil, sealed with wax, then enclosed in a (faux) leather envelope.

We were lucky enough to have perfect weather, so the party was set up in the garage with the doors open. Because there were only a few families from our pod, there was enough space to spread out and enjoy the sunshine. With 2020 being what it is, naturally, there were themed masks.

To continue Hamilton’s legacy of writing like you’re running out of time, I made a journal for guests to write well wishes to Ari. His parents will then get to use it to document his life, as a special keepsake.

To say that this was my favorite party yet would be an understatement. Hamilton is rich with quotable lines, giving so much material to work with. While not every guest picked up on the references, those who did felt a special bond to the decorations. I loved getting to put together this Hamilton themed party, and it felt extra special knowing it was for such an amazing kid.

Pass it on!

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