Elf on the Shelf goodbye letter

Because I love to make crafts, most people assume we do the whole Elf thing in my house. Truthfully, I pick and choose where to spend my energy, and that didn’t make the cut. However, a few years back when driving to South Dakota for Christmas, my then 2-year-old daughter was getting a bit ornery. I riffled through our toy bag and found a (new to her) Elf doll but not one of THOSE elves. We gave her the “Elf is watching you and will tell Santa” talk that I still wonder if it will give her permanent trust issues. But it sure worked, and the rest of the drive went easy. Each year our little fake elf comes back, and this year I decided to embrace it just a bit more by writing an Elf on the Shelf goodbye letter.

I wanted the letter to highlight what she does well, but still encourage good behavior year round

I have long worried that once December rolls around we encourage kids to be good for the sake of gifts. I wanted to make sure the letter included a list of their good behavior; things that we want to see continue through the year.

If you are into elaborate Elf on the Shelf shenanigans – good for you! I think it adds extra magic to the season. If, like me, that’s just one more thing you don’t need to take on, good for you! Whether you move your Elf every day or keep it sitting still on the mantel, a sweet goodbye letter is a perfect way to send your Elf on its merry little way back to the attic North Pole.

You can download my Elf on the Shelf goodbye letter for free!

I would love to see what kind words your Elf has for your kids! Share on Instagram @happy.little.chaos #happylittlechaos!

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