DIY wreath with springtime flowers

There’s something about wreaths that just make a home feel put together. You can incorporate elements of the season or holidays, and proudly display on your door, over a mantel, or – as is the case with our spring wreath – in my daughter’s bedroom. It’s surprisingly easy to make your DIY wreath full of springtime flowers.

What you’ll need

  • Wreath form (I like a smaller frame, like this 9-inch recycled foam)
  • Ribbon – the wider, the better
  • Faux flowers
    • Consider one longer garland along with smaller bouquets
  • Hot glue or tacky glue
  • Scissors

To make life easier, I have all the supplies (minus the glue and scissors) available in the Spring wreath craft kit

Time to put together your DIY wreath

  1. Wrap wreath form with ribbon, using glue to keep it in place
  2. Wrap long garland around the wreath. Tuck the ends into the folds of the ribbon and add glue to prevent lifting away from the form
  3. Cut down your single flowers or bouquets to single flowers, or flower with a small bit of greenery
  4. Tuck flowers into the folds of the ribbon
  5. Add hot glue to the inside of the folds to lock in place
  6. Hang up and enjoy

My 5 year old daughter absolutely loved this project. We were able to pick the flowers together, and she liked helping to tuck them into the ribbon. I handled the hot glue to keep her little fingers safe, but she felt completely engaged with this DIY wreath craft.

At only 9 inches, it’s smaller than a typical front door wreath, which made it a perfect fit for her bedroom. As soon as the glue cooled, she ran upstairs and put it above her bed.

I would love to see your creations! Be sure to share your finished DIY wreath with me on Instagram @happy.little.chaos, and tag with #HappyLittleChaos.

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