Safe Coronavirus party ideas

Life during COVID feels like I’m constantly trying to make everything seem normal for my kids during a time when everything is different. Just last year we hosted more than 80 people inside our home for a triple birthday party for my kids and nephew. This year? We had 4 families from our pod over for a backyard celebration. It takes more thought, but it is possible to throw a unique Coronavirus party for your child’s birthday and still keep safety measures in place.

Keep it virtual

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I know, I know, suggesting a Zoom party isn’t exactly a groundbreaking idea anymore, but with colder months upon us, the options for outdoor gatherings are less realistic. By meeting online not only can you ensure everyone will stay safe, but your guest list is no longer restricted to people nearby! Just be sure you don’t get too overzealous by the possibilities; aim to keep the number of invitations limited to 10. Too many more and the call becomes too unruly (any parent who has observed virtual school can attest to this).

Even though Zooms can be quick, easy, and informal, with a little creativity they can still feel like a “normal” birthday party. Upgrade your call by adding a theme, an activity, and a special surprise for guests. You’ll be sure to forget your party is online!

Spread the fun *

*but not germs

This will work best if you already have 1 or 2 families with whom you have already established a pod. As this is the highest risk Coronavirus party idea I am suggesting, make sure you limit the number of guests, remind those who are feeling sick to stay home, and be very clear with your protocols.

Arrange your home into different party zones. Set up different activities in each area to keep the party fresh, while being mindful of the need to keep social distance.

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