Activities for kids at home

*that involve next to no effort

Since we’re on day 3,523 of being stuck at home, I thought I would share a few ways we have kept some sanity. I would love this to be a post about cooking organic meals, learning trigonometry, and becoming Olympic bound athletes. But, if you know me, you know I don’t try to pretend that we have it all figured out at the Casa VB. These activities for kids at home will keep the little ones entertained so you don’t always have to.

Sanity savers

Do your new coworkers need diaper changes and constantly request snacks? I feel you. I’ve worked at home since having my kids, so this element isn’t new, but it does have added challenges now. Back in the days P.C. (do you think Pre-Covid will become a way to measure time? I think yes) my daughter went to preschool. Like, she spent her days around other humans who weren’t immediate family members. Crazy, I know.

She’s been home since March, and to say things have gotten a little punchy around here would be a majestic understatement. I have found one sure fire way to keep both her my son engaged: Paw Patrol. Or Bluey, but you want to be careful with that one because then they expect a lot of imaginary play. Nick Jr. is kind enough to tell you that Paw Patrol teaches a sense of community and problem solving. I don’t know if that’s true at all, but it buys me a few minutes of silence, so maybe they’re talking about parental problem solving (thanks for having our backs, Nick Jr).

Help build an environment for independent play

Everyone has a COVID house project, and my favorite is turning our sitting room into a playroom. Because we aren’t formal people, we never used our formal living room. We ditched the torn up couch and bought extra storage to contain toy bins. I even found an old coat hanger that we mounted to make a costume corner.

This little space is now one of our favorite spots in the house. By placing most of the toys in one area and organizing it better, the kids are rediscovering old toys that had long been forgotten. They also get to use their imagination and, on occasion, play nicely together.

little girl dressed as Wendy, little boy dressed as Peter Pan

Alexa, play Preschool Dance Party

I hesitate for giving this tip because I’m afraid you will hate me for it. But, if you invest in a good pair of headphones, this playlist will get the kids moving around. Sure you might hear Baby Shark 20 times, but there could be worse things, right? Right?

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Kids enjoy the screen time and the storytelling, and you’ll like that they’re getting exercise. It’s a total win-win. Best of all, watching kids try yoga is one of the cutest things in the world.

Keep crafts handy

When I have the markers and coloring books out, the kids gravitate towards them. While I can’t promise that markers won’t get all over the walls, and floor, and themselves, I can promise that the washable kinds truly do come out pretty easily.

When you can give kids an outlet to be creative, they tend to get hyper focused (and quiet). There’s also an amazing sense of pride that comes with every masterpiece. Keep some coloring books on standby, and have some specialty craft kits on hand for days you need extra peace.

Keep it simple

Remember that global pandemic? Yeah, still happening. So if you’re not on your parenting A-game, that’s totally ok. Plus all the other kids will be as equally screwed up as yours.

Do you have any sure-fire activities for kids at home? Share below so we can all benefit with a little extra sanity.

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