Hey there, I’m Kate!

In 2019 I started to plan my kids’ birthday party. With their birthdays only a month apart, I figured hosting joint shindig would make the most sense. Unfortunately, it was slim pickings trying to find invitations for a boy/girl, 1 year old/3 year old party. That’s when I first reached for my mom’s old Cricut.

I have learned a lot in the years that followed. We have hosted more joint birthday parties – some big, some tiny (because, you know, COVID). With each event I found myself more and more excited to see how I could make invitations that were completely unique and unexpected. I learned that digging deeper into the details can turn a party from good to great.

In between party gigs I started putting together little craft kits for friends. These small kits turned into a fun way to bring a bit of joy into our every day life. Watching kids explore their creativity is an incredible thing (and for those of us doing the work-from-home thing, can also buy us a few minutes of quiet. win-win).

Over the years I realized that it’s ok to not sweat the small stuff. Yes, it’s fun when everything is Instagram worthy. But life can get messy. So that’s why I choose to embrace my happy little chaos.

Fast Facts


Black Hills, South Dakota

Fav sports teams

All things KC – Royals, Chiefs, Jayhawks, Sporting

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The Bar Method

Fav HOliday


Meet Walter

While trying to decide on a logo, we had a friendly visitor creeping into our porch each night. Our little raccoon friend was feasting on our cat’s automatic feeder, making himself right at home. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with him, his spunk, and the fact that he always looked like he was dressed for a costume party. Walter was created to celebrate our hungry friend. He’s a reminder that raccoons, like kids, make us laugh, constantly get into mischief, and will forever want snacks.

drawing of a raccoon holding a yellow banner